Free mobile health
info for girls in
South Africa

mGirls was launched in 2014 on a platform called mXit in South Africa. When a girl downloads the mGirls app, she has access to free, daily health information – sent straight to her phone. It’s anonymous and it’s accurate. She joins 63,000 subscribers who have been active on the app since its pilot launch in July 2014.

mGirls offers a sustainable educational solution in communities around the world by empowering young people with health information they need. The platform was open, safe and guided by other users. It was built as a result of a strong motivation and passion to use EdTech for sustainable change.

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Girls & Football -
Award-winning NGO

Girls & Football SA is an award-winning not-for-profit organization that encourages the development of girls and young women through sport, media and education.

At Girls & Football SA, we believe sport is an excellent source of empowerment for girls, equipping them with a strong sense of body ownership, life skills and promoting self-esteem. By involving the local and global community in encouraging the use of sport as a development tool for girls, we raise awareness about important issues that influence girls and women around the world.

We conduct workshops combining life skills training and football to empower girls at a grass roots level. Through production of our award-winning documentary, “Can I Kick It?”, various Girls & Football SA media channels and social media networks, we raise awareness nationally and internationally on women’s sport. By linking our participants with strong role models, they are inspired to build a better future.

Girls And Football

People with Disabilities Campaign (IBM, Ogilvy)

Across the Middle East and Africa region, we noticed different levels of acceptance in the integration of People with Disabilities (PwD) in the workplace. Where some countries accept working with PwD as the norm, others do not. We realized we needed to not only alert employees, colleagues and managers to this lack of understanding around the acceptance of PwD, we also had to create an understanding of why it’s important to hire PwD in the workplace.

This meant creating a campaign to educate and empower. As a first step, we chose to work with PwD across the region and asked them why they enjoyed working at IBM, moving the focus away from the actual diversity challenges we experience in the workplace. Raising awareness around the importance of diversity is pivotal to company success; a diverse workplace is a reflection of the real world we live in and strengthen’s a company’s ability to innovate, create and ultimately, be successful.