LA Get-away – Singing and Acting in West Hollywood!

Growing up in the arts hugely influences your life – I know it has influenced mine! Music and theatre are simply two things I can’t live without. 

This past week in LA, I loved loved loved working with actress and booking coach Christine Horn and singer, song-writer and voice teacher, Shannon Hunt – these women brought me straight back into doing what I LOVE. Follow Christine here and Shannon here!

The most amazing part of being in the performing arts is the opportunity to create, take a step back, and being so present in the moment. 

All this was organized by the incredible Sara Mohazebbi, who is an absolute rockstar. Love Sara and her work at Brains Beauty Guts so much – Sara hosts events on people and ideas you wish you knew about and the brilliance of the human race.

Stay tuned for this space – as I am so excited to go back into what I have always loved most on this earth!

Read more about my journey here.


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