Design the Life You Love – co-hosting workshops in Dallas, Texas!

This past week, I had the opportunity to co-facilitate two workshops in Dallas, Texas with colleague and friend Laura Toma. We were introduced to and inspired by the work done by Ayse Birsel, award-winning NY based designer and author of the book, “Design the Life You Love”. Ayse is awesome – she has a cool, calm and funny demeanor and was an inspirational workshop host, bringing her work in “Design the Life You Love” to life. 

The entire focus of our work was on un-packing barriers, figuring out what works best for you and what enables you to love the life you live, using elements and aspects of design to re-think how you structure what Ayse calls “the biggest project” you will ever embark on, namely, your life. 

We had an amazing time doing improv games, creative warm ups, live rap shows and hosting and facilitating group discussions! 

Reach out if you’re keen to learn more here


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