#BossPublicSpeaking Instagram Course


Do you get anxious when speaking in public? In just one week, we will look at really practical ways in which you can manage your nerves, conquer your fears and feel more confident as a public speaker. This course is super easy to follow and you don’t need an online video platform or to open up a new account on – all you need is Instagram and a mobile phone to watch the Insta Stories! With live Q&A, polls and fifteen-minute stories, this course fits right into your daily routine!



Captivate the Crowd

Dubai, UAE

Book my Career Workshops today! From public speaking, to negotiation, to releasing potential: learn how to turn your nerves into nothingness and how to power up your personal potential! I can’t wait to share with you what I have learned speaking around the world, how to read a crowd, play with the energy in a room, and make your content work in any setting. Whether in your personal life or in a business setting, these series of workshop will help you make a lasting impact.

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Future Females


Diversity and Inclusion

We run life-changing workshops on gender, inclusion and diversity. Book our team to help change your company culture today. Through safe spaces and open communication approach, we are able to touch on points that matter when changing company culture and building inclusive workspaces.

We are an award-winning team set to deliver against the above objectives, backed by 30 years of cumulative experience in delivering Gender, Diversity and Inclusion and Presentation skills training around the world. We have worked with international clients for the last ten years to create stand-out initiatives centered on effective change management models. Our latest workshops took place across the UAE, South Africa and Ghana.

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