Use the right words to say the right thing.

Words bring life to your message. Select the right ones to tell your story.

Do people still read? Yes, they do.

Your team is genius. Your plan is foolproof. And, your app will receive funding, for sure.

Hold up, mate. No matter how awesome you are, clear communication is key.

Let's work together to ensure your ideas, plans, and strategy are communicated clearly.

Build a culture of inclusivity.

We communicate across timezones, cultures, borders and bounds. Cultural compatibility is crucial.

Don't just resonate with a global audience; build a culture of inclusivity and master cultural complexities, as well.

Let me help you, oui? Merci. It would be mon plaisir.

Build a story: from concept to climax to conclusion.

Storytelling is as old as time; we all indulge in a romantic tale, shiver at a thriller, and cry with laughter at a comedy.

The only real tragedy is losing the plot.

Follow a narrative arc - from concept, to climax, to conclusion - to drive your story home.

I'm keen to join you on the journey.

Use creativity to stand out.

Using creative ideas to stand out is key. Emotive storytelling is crucial if you want your audience to notice you.

Do you? I reckon you do.

Let's make it happen.

Define. Research. Position. Design.

Did you know the word 'brand' comes from the old Norwegian term 'brandsk', which means 'to brand'? Back in the day, farmers 'branded' their livestock, so potential buyers could easily identify the most (or least) valuable cow.

Today, it's even more important to ensure your brand stands out. Brands build value. They help customers buy. They allow businesses to charge premium prices.

Your brand is your identity. Allow me to take your branding challenge on.

Use data effectively to position your brand in the market.

Social media? Digital marketing? Print ads? TVCs? Through which channel does your audience consume ads?

Use data effectively so your brand message stays on point.

Develop your brand with a compelling brand narrative.

Brand development is crucial. An interesting brand story is equally important.

Create a compelling brand narrative your audience can't get enough of.

Kind of like Game of Thrones. But better.

Tell your story. Deliver it with confidence across your media of choice.

I want to help you tell the world (or your colleagues, close friends, dinner party...) who you are in all your stunning glory.

Whether you're developing your personal narrative to launch a new career, or expanding your network to reach new buyers, allow me to do the honors.

Better relationships = better business, right? I'd love to help you increase your likability factor. On and offline.

Use creativity to stand out.

Innovation. Creative thinking. Insightful questions.

Three key ingredients required to stand out from the crowd. What do you think?

Let's find answers and build solutions together.

Resonate with your audience and stay top-of-mind.

Building an on or offline presence is 100% necessary to stay top-of-mind. A conscious and calculated effort is required to ensure clean and clear messaging.

Listening is also key. Find ways to meet your audience where they want to be met.

Identify the right emotional hook to create a lasting impression

What has worked in the past, may not work in the future.

Identify an intriguing emotional hook to ensure your brand stays fresh and you maintain a lasting impression.

Communicate across borders effectively.

You might consider expanding into a new market. This leads to new clients. But, it can also lead to miscommunication.

Let's determine the right terminology to maximize your cultural comms know-how.

Get the audience on your side.

You're poised to take the stage: speaker notes in one hand, microphone in the other. 

Now, it's your turn to shine! If the thought alone makes you break out in a sweat, don't worry. There are ways to make public speaking easier.

From speech writing, to rehearsing, to mental tips and tricks that help you become a confident speaker - I've got your back.


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