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In 2012, Girls & Football SA – the not-for-profit I founded alongside Sonia Bianchi – was registered in South Africa. Girls & Football SA is an award-winning not for profit organization that focuses on the development of girls and young women through sport, media and education.

I launched Girls and Football SA to promote football (or soccer) for girls, to organize educational workshops, and to conduct outreach to the general public. Our main goal is to change attitudes about girls and women in South Africa through our educational program that tackles destructive stereotypes.

It’s been an incredible journey and we are honored to have worked with so many amazing girls, women, boys and men. Our next big challenge is a book on gender and how to work with boys and men to create safe spaces. Stay tuned for more!



Just a few years after the founding of Girls & Football SA, I worked with Mxit to launch mGirls, a mobile health app that provides girls with free, daily health information. mGirls is amazing: when a girl downloads the mGirls app, she has access to free, daily health information – sent straight to her phone. It’s anonymous and it’s accurate. She can respond to information. She can ask questions. She can learn to make better choices. Essentially, mGirls offers a sustainable educational solution in communities around the world by empowering young people with health information they need. It’s open, safe and guided by other users.



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